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Edge of Dark Water
Lansdale, Joe R.

PRICE: $25.99
FORMAT: 1st Ed. Hardcover
PUBLISHED: 2012 - Mulholland Books

PAGES: 304
HEIGHT: 9.5 inches
WIDTH: 6.5 inches
ISBN: 9780316188432
ID: #New023053

CATEGORY: Novel - horror.

May Lynn was once a pretty girl who dreamed of becoming a Hollywood star. Now she's dead, her body dredged up from the Sabine River.

Sue Ellen, May Lynn's strong-willed teenage friend, sets out to dig up May Lynn's body, burn it to ash, and take those ashes to Hollywood to spread around. If May Lynn can't become a star, then at least her ashes will end up in the land of her dreams.

Along with her friends Terry and Jinx and her alcoholic mother, Sue Ellen steals a raft and heads downriver to carry May Lynn's remains to Hollywood.

Only problem is, Sue Ellen has some stolen money that her enemies will do anything to get back. And what looks like a prime opportunity to escape from a worthless life will instead lead to disastrous consequences. In the end, Sue Ellen will learn a harsh lesson on just how hard growing up can really be.

CONDITION: New copies.