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The Avenger #3: The Frosted Death / The Glass Mountain
Robeson, Kenneth

PRICE: $12.95
FORMAT: 1st Ed. Trade Paperback
PUBLISHED: 2010 - Sanctum Books

HEIGHT: 10.0 inches
WIDTH: 7.0 inches
ISBN: 9781608770199
ID: #New021287

CATEGORY: Omnibus - pulp reprints.

The pulp era's most intriguing superhero returns in two more epic adventures with Ernst writing as Kenneth Robeson. A snowlike powder releases a deadly plague upon the residents of New York City. Then, a bizarre cloud emits deadly lightening bolts that kill without warning. Bonus: 'My Business is Death!' Ernst's 1936 story that introduced the Avenger prototype, The Wraith. This showcases H.W. Scott's classic pulp covers, and the interior illustrations by Paul Orban.

CONDITION: New copies.